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8am to 5pm CST

Computer Support now, not later....

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A Different-Personal kind of tech !

Qualified to repair, upgrade, and remove viruses from your PC (personal computer).  This can be done in the comfort of your own home, as I remote log-in from my location.

Virus Removal, software repair, speed up your computer, PC TuneUP, and tutoring.

Teaching individuals how to use their personal computer, focusing on the applications that they will use the most and will serve their purpose.

Also teaching individuals (and groups) the work applications they need to make them more marketable when looking for employment.

Owned and operated by Hollyecho Montgomery, Women's Computer Consulting, provides instruction and /or operation of computers, forms and applications; as well as updating and maintaning your web sites.

Connecting to your PC over the internet & fix it while you watch! Computer Support now, not later....

8am to 4pm EST - appointments outside these hours always available.....

Licenced and insured - A+ Certified, IBM Certified, Dell Certified, HP Preferred Tech. Total Computer Repair

QR Code- appointment outside these hours always available....

For Appointments and Course Availability Email:

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